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2v2 cash tournament....entry fee? Free!

Hon Cheats is proud to present a 2v2 cash tournament for Heroes of Newerth. Free to enter and cash prize will be $200 USD for first place. Details and rules are now active, Entry date begins 15th April and end 30th April. Tournament begins on the 2nd of May 2010. Details on where to register will be displayed on the 14th of April. Details and Rules.

Heroes of Newerth Patch 0.3.2 - 10th April 2010

A new int hero on the Legion side "The Chipper" has been added.
A quick practise game shows this hero can be very effective with his first ability
"Rocket barrage" doing 540 damage and a mini stun. Not to mention a well placed slow and ulti will demolish any low hp hero.Hon Patch 0.3.2
the Chipper

Mind Games Guide

Mindgames are definited as an act or series of acts of calculated psychological manipulation, especially in order to confuse or intimidate. This is done primarily through using a disparity of information. Juking, for example, is a prime example of a mind games. You use the fact that you know where you're going and the fact that your opponent has to guess where you're going to shake him off your trail.
read the guide

Basic Laning Guide

Laning refers to the beginning stage of the game in which heroes enter the 3 lanes and gain gold and XP through killing creeps and occasionally each other. This is a vital time, as your team's performance during the laning stage sets the conditions for the ganks, fights, and pushes to come. read the guide

Heroes of Newerth Patch

It has finally arrived, the patch we have been waiting for, S2 games have delivered more then expected with a few changes which put heroes of newerth up to the next level. More Details

Juking guide

Check out this great heroes of newerth juking guide. When you need to get them off your tail, this handy guide will show you some good trick jungle spots
you will find the Juke Guide here.

Roaming Guide

What is the roll of a roamer exactly? Most people don't actually know how it is played and it has a high chance that it won't work in pub games. To learn more about it check out the roaming guide here.

Here is a basic idea of popular choices and the way they are picked in competitive play, altho some people agree/disagree and would arrange some heroes slightly, this is quite a useful chart to help those who don't have much of an idea when is does come to competitive play.

God Tier

Top Tier

Picked/Not Banned Tier
Viable Tier

Other Tier