By: Newti

Skill Build
1 - Nymphora's Zeal
2 - Volatile Pod
3 - Volatile Pod
4 - Grace of the Nymph
5 - Volatile Pod
6 - Grace of the Nymph
7 - Volatile Pod
8 - Teleport
9 - Grace of the Nymph
10 - Grace of the Nymph
11 - Teleport
12 - Nymphora's Zeal
13 - Nymphora's Zeal
14 - Nymphora's Zeal
15 - Stats
16 - Teleport
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
One level of stun is taken early for escaping and stunning the enemy near your pods. This can be skipped in favor of Grace of the Nymph if you lane with a heavily mana reliant stunner (Pebbles, Hammer, ...).
Teleport can be taken as early as level 6 if you want to actively gank/counter-gank or level 10 if you prefer not to do so. Taking it at level 8 is something in between and should work nicely. (In a higher level game you should consider taking it earlier to assist in counter ganks as these will happen a lot more often and also earlier).

Lane Starting Items:
Monkey Courier or Wards, Mana Potion, 2x Crushing Claw, Minor Totem

(Power Supply >>) Marchers >> 2x Fortified Bracelet >> Wards of Sight

Nymphora doesn't need primary stats for starting as she will babysit and not lasthit. More important for her is staying alive. With this starting build you get 133 extra HP and you can directly build into Bracelets.
Get Power Supply depending on your lane, I don't consider it core on her.

After Core:
Wards of Sight >> Plated Greaves or Steam Boots

- Astrolabe (Full Support Route)
- Staff of the Master (If your game is coordinated enough to make use of it)
- Kuldra's Sheepstick (Otherwise, or after one of the above)
- Charged Hammer (For all those Carry-Nymph players :>)

Get Plated Greaves only if no one else on your team does or if they have heavy armor reduction. Otherwise take Steam Boots on Strength. Keep buying wards as your Number 1 priority!
Then chose one of the three listed items, depending on your/their lineup.
(Example: If they have better carries go Astrolabe since you need to push early, otherwise prepare Sheepstick for the late game.)

Roles: Supporter, Babysitter, Pusher
Prefered Lane: Short/Long
Difficulty: 3 - Medium (Keep a good overview in hectic battle situations)
Farming capabilities: 4 - Good
Item dependancy: 1 - Very low
- Early Game / Lane Control: 5 - Very Strong (Heal and Mana Restoration + Stun)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 4 - Strong (Incredible Pushing- and Team-Staying Power)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 2 - Weak (Heals lose effectiveness, squishy hero)

Noteable +/- and synergies:
Works best with a mana reliant carry (e.g. Madman) or heavy nuker (e.g. Pebbles)

- Start using Volatile Pod on level 3. Place it offensive to increase your lane dominance. Place it with your creeps at full hp or out of your creeps' range to not push the lane too much.
- If not laning with a stunner use Volatile Pod right behind an enemy, then stun him as he is running away to ensure he takes the delayed damage.
- ALWAYS keep Grace of the Nymph on cooldown! If no one else needs mana use it on yourself. Even at level 1 it restores more mana than it costs!
- Use your Teleport Skill at level 2 to countergank with an ally. This is very effective if played right!