By: Newti

Skill Build
1 - Command
2 - Nature's Wrath
3 - Command
4 - Nature's Wrath
5 - Command
6 - Ophelia's Touch
7 - Nature's Wrath
8 - Nature's Wrath
9 - Ophelia's Judgement
10 - Command
11 - Ophelia's Touch
12 - Ophelia's Judgement
13 - Ophelia's Judgement
14 - Ophelia's Judgement
15 - Stats
16 - Ophelia's Touch
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Ophelia will always jungle. Period.
This is the standard jungle/ganker build, there are no modifications needed.

Lane Starting Items:
Monkey Courier, Wards of Sight, Wards of Revelation

In a higher level game you will need the Wards of Revelation to counter-ward the neutrals as well as the Wards of Sight to jungle in safety. When playing low level pubs you can cut the Wards of Revelation in favor of a flying courier.

"Dominater" Build Core:
Whispering Helm >> Plated Greaves >> Bracelet of Fortitude

Rush a whispering helm to control one additional creep. The bonus from Command applies as well! Then get Plated for Support and to keep your creeps alive as well as a Bracelet. Make sure you buy wards all the time!

"Codex" Build Core:
Ring of the Teacher >> Marchers >> Codex level 1 >> Plated Greaves

An early ring helps if you delay Plated Greaves; you can skip it though. The codex stays at level one; it is simply to have like an additional spell that does 400+130 damage (Wrath). If you chose this route you can consider skilling judgement before wrath for excellent nuking power.
Make sure you buy wards all the time!

"Classic" Build Core:
Plated Greaves

After Greaves go directly to the after core support items. Usually Nome's first, then Astro or Puzzle.

After either Core:
- Nome's Wisdom if no one has it yet and your team beneftis from it.
- Astrolabe Nice Synergy with creeps, good support.
- Staff of the Master can be good instead of astrolabe depending on the situation.
- Puzzlebox can be considered in a high level game (counter warding). But note that this means controlling 5-6 Minions...

Roles: Jungler, Ganker, Pusher, Ward Hoe
Prefered Lane: Jungle
Difficulty: 5 - Very Hard (Hardest Hero to play by far)
Farming capabilities: 4 - Good
Item dependancy: 0 - None
- Early Game / Lane Control: Jungle, Good early ganks on short lane
- Mid Game / Ganks: 5 - Very Strong (Insane Ganking and Pushing Power)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 0 - Poor (Minions are useless, she's a pushover)

- Ophelia is very hard to learn and master. Controlling 3-4 additional creeps is very micro intensive.
- Useful Creeps are (in the following order): Minotaur, Skeleton King, Vagabond Leader, Catman Champion, Vulture Lord. The best combination is 1 Skeleton King and 2-3 Minotaurs.
- Note that Vagabond Leader is giving your creeps a health regen aura. This is useful for farming in the jungle (but useless for ganking).
- Start ganking your Lane from level 1 if you find a Skeleton King or Minotaur (otherwise wait until level 3).

- Match 31379333 (Codex build, 24-0 Ophelia 320 apm, me playing her)
- Match 28099380 (Dominator build, not me playing her)