By: Newti

Skill Build
1 - Stalagmites
2 - Chuck
3 - Stalagmites
4 - Chuck
5 - Stalagmites
6 - Chuck
7 - Stalagmites
8 - Chuck
9 - Enlarge
10 - Slab Skin
11 - Enlarge
12 - Slab Skin
13 - Slab Skin
14 - Slab Skin
15 - Stats
16 - Enlarge
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Not much to say. Never go for another build under any circumstances.

Starting Items:
2x Runes of the Blight, 2x Pretender's Crown, Minor Totem

Bottle >> Marchers >> Ring of Sorcery >> Portal Key

It is very advised to get those stats items to start or you will not be able to pull off stalagmite+chuck combos before level 5! (It costs 240 Mana).
If you go solo mid you will need a Logger's Hatchet + 3 Minor Totems.

After core:
Wards of Sight >> Steam Boots >> Warpcleft >> Daemonic Breastplate

After your core you are not very item dependent and free to assist in warding/supporting. Finish your boots (not very important which ones) and start working on your breastplate. You can get Steamboots before Portal Key or even turn your Pretender's Crowns into Fortified Bracelets if you find the game to be hard.

Roles: Nuker, Ganker, (Initiator)
Prefered Lane: Any (Can solo mid)
Difficulty: 4 - Hard
Farming capabilities: 4 - Good (Mana intensive)
Item dependancy: 3 - Medium (needs core)
- Early Game / Lane Control: 4 - Strong (high burst damage)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 5 - Very Strong (Highest burst damage in the game at level 8+)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 2 - Weak (Drastically loses power once heroes get solid hp pools)

- Pebbles is a ganker. There's nothing else he can do with his skillset. He is a poor physical DPSer. He is the ultimate one-hit-wonder, with two spells that can be used singly or together for fantastic results, after which he runs like a sissy girl until his spells are back up. Don't let his main stat fool you: Pebbles is a caster.
- The famous "one-two" combo is accomplished by casting stalagmite on an enemy and then instantly chucking him onto himself. This does abnormal damage and is mostly a one-shot in early and mid game.
- The more advanced "one-two-three" involves manually right-clicking the enemy while he is chucked in the air for an additional ~200 damage before he lands. Try to practice this if you want to improve your pebbles play.