Plague Rider
By: Newti

Skill Build
1 - Extinguish
2 - Contagion
3 - Contagion
4 - Extinguish
5 - Contagion
6 - Plague Carrier
7 - Contagion
8 - Extinguish
9 - Cursed Shield
10 - Cursed Shield
11 - Plague Carrier
12 - Cursed Shield
13 - Cursed Shield
14 - Extinguish
15 - Stats
16 - Plague Carrier
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Getting Extinguish at level 1 allows you to deny the ranged creep in the first creep wave. This will deny the enemy XP (he will reach level 2 significantly later than you if you lane middle) and it will push the wave to your tower. If paired with a very agressive hero (mostly stunners) you can take Contagion at level 1.
3 Levels of Extinguish are usually enough and this build allows you to get the Cursed Shield one level earlier.

Starting Items:
Monkey Courier or Wards of Sight, Runes of the Blight, Health Potion, 4x Minor Totem

Marchers >> Astrolabe >> Plated Greaves

Plague Rider is a pure support hero and should be played as such. Thus your main job will be warding! The gold that is left over will be invested in support items as listed above.

After Core:
Kuldra's Sheepstick >> Portal Key

Always keep buying wards, you don't need more items than your core. Instead of Kuldra's you can also go for a Puzzle Box or Nome's Wisdom depending on your teams needs.

Roles: Babysitter, Nuker
Prefered Lane: Any
Difficulty: 3 - Medium (Ult not trivial to use)
Farming capabilities: 3 - Medium
Item dependancy: 1 - Very Low
- Early Game / Lane Control: 5 - Very Strong (One of the best harasser)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 5 - Very Strong (Devastating ultimate, strong ganker)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 3 - Medium (Ult and Armor still strong)

- If you are laning mid your reason-to-be is to gank. As soon as you hit level 6 head to the top or bottom lane and try to grab that double tap.
- If you are laning with a partner your job is to babysit. Focus on harassing over denying over lasthitting as with any babysitter except for that your harass actually is more than an annoyance.
- When to cast your ultimate (Plague Carrier): In the Woods with 2-3 Enemies, When ganking and you chase them back towards the tower away from the creeps, When one hero and 2 Creeps are standing very close (solo mid for example), you are about to die and might as well do some damage before you go.