By: Fuji

The unique armor worn by this mysterious warrior
is said to have been uncovered in the ruins of
an Ancient city. Whether the armor imbues the famed
speed and pinpoint accuracy possessed by the warrior
called Swiftblade, or whether he would be equally
mighty without it, none can say.

SKILLS : Blade Frenzy, Counter attack, Way of the sword, Swift slashes


Activation [Q]
Type: Magic
Radius: 250
Duration: 5 seconds
Mana cost: 110
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Blade frenzy effects

Deals 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 Magic damage per seconds to targeted units in radius. Applies Blade frenzy to self for duration of activation. Lasts 5 seconds.

Comments: This skill is mainly used earlygame for damage, but its easy to forget that this skill also provides magic imunity. If you have had a good game this skill will deal less damage than auto attacks lategame.


Proc chance
Cooldown: 0.6 seconds

Extensive training in meele combat has given swiftblade the chance to counter attack the enemy whenever an enemy meele attack strikes him.

On Attacked
15/20/25/30% chance to counter attack if the enemy is a meele hero.
This ability is passive


10/18/26/36% chance for 2.0x critical strike.
This ability is passive

__________________________________________________ _____

Activation [R]
Target Unit
Type: Physical
Range: 450
Mana cost: 275
Cooldown: 120 seconds

Swift Slashes Effect

Teleports self to random targets 5 times dealing 150 to 250 physical damage to each target. Can be used on the same enemy mutiple times.

Best hero combos :

Electrician: With his static grip there will be no problem for you to spin and get 100% use of it.

Glacius: Ranged stun and slow, + he gives you a mana regen aura.

Puppet master: What more is there to say? he has sick many disables, perfect for your spin.

Pollywog priest: this is probably the best laner for you, he has hex, he has a grip skill thats perfect for your spin and he generally is sex for your lane.

Worst enemies

Night hound: Can invis away from your ultimate and go invis when you spin, also has the irritating cloud thats pretty anti you.

Jereziah: Well, skills that blocks your attacks and they last FOREVER.

Accursed: Shield that blocks your damage and when you ult him you do him the big favour of healing him to full hp.

scout: Invis heroes in general because of your ultimate

Starting items

2x 2x 1x

This is your starting order, you buy 2 Pretenders Crown, 2 Runes of the Blight, and 1 Mana Potion. by doing this you boost your stats so you can survive early in the game and you have some health and mana regen.

Buy order


This should be your primary buying order for your first items, with this build you will gain hp regen to stay in lane while you use blights to, and you will have enough mana to use skills / go gank around. 2 bracers are needed to survive through the game.

Endgame build

Theese 3 items should be a must on your hero, you use the Trinket of Restoration to complete yourAbyssal Skull while you use your Sustainer to build your Runed Axe. If you get more farm you go for the Wingbow.

What boots?

Well there arent really any boots that doesent suit swiftblade. It really does depend on the situation. If you get amazing farm and feel like you have a team you should gank alot with you would go for Post Haste. But otherwise i would choose Steam Boots with STRENGHT options on, mainly because you will need some extra HP. If the opponent team has many heroes with speed abilities like leap, pestilences speed spell, then ench marchers would be a good choise.

Other items

Depending on the situation you should either carry a bag of dust or a teleport scroll on you at all times. if they have picked heroes that has a massive amount of magic damage then a SHRUNKEN HEAD would be a great item for your hero since you may have to carry your team to victory lategame.

Skill order:

1. Blade frenzy
2. Stats
3. Blade frenzy
4. Stats
5. Blade frenzy
6. Swift slashes
7. Blade frenzy
8. Way of the sword
9. Counter attack
10. Way of the sword
11. Swift slashes
12. Stats
13. Way of the sword
14. Way of the sword
15. Stats
16. Swift slashes
17-20. Counter attack
21-25. Stats

Yeah well really it depends on how many meele heroes the other team has, but this is mainly what i go for each game. Stats pregame to get some more hp and mana while i max out Blade frenzy. Then by levling both crit and meele dodge one level, you have a chance to both dodge and crit. Levling crit to early can ruin your lasthitting so there is no real point in levling it before the stats early on in the game.