By: Newti

Skill Build
1 - Chain Reaction
2 - Agonizing Bondsl
3 - Agonizing Bonds
4 - Chain Reaction
5 - Agonizing Bonds
6 - Chain Reaction
7 - Agonizing Bonds
8 - Chain Reaction
9 - Impalement
10 - Impalement
11 - Impalement
12 - Impalement
13 -Torment
14 - Torment
15 - Stats
16 - Torment
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
This is the most effective harasser / killer build. The ulti is gotten late as your other skills are more important and you won't have the Mana to support Torment yet. If you prefer to build a more pushy build or are fighting invisible heroes or if you are not very good at aiming the stun then leave Chain Reaction on 1 and max Impalement along with Bonds first.

Lane Starting Items:
2x Runes of the Blight, 4x Mana Potion, 4x Minor Totem

Bottle >> 2x Fortified Bracelet >> Marchers >> Glow Stone >> Post Haste >> Icon of Goddess

Bottle if Mid. Bracers for Survivability, Post Haste to make good use of your ultimate and to be able to farm/push all the lanes quickly.

After Core:
Sacrificial Stone >> Staff of the Master >> Frostfield Plate >> Behemoth's Heart

Sacrificial Stone turns you into the tank you need to be in order to get full use of your Ultimate. You can't cast from the second row, you need to be in the middle of the action. SotM provides a fair boost to the ultimate and is your next items; after that keep workin on your EHP.

Alternative Items:
- Kuldra's Sheepstick: Provides a lot of mana regen but no survivability and I therefore do not recommend it.
- Portal Key: If you have troubles chasing enemy heroes. Or as initiation once you got the tank gear.

Roles: Nuker, Pusher, (Semi-Carry )
Prefered Lane: Any
Difficulty: 4 - Hard
Farming capabilities: 4 - Good (Mana intensive)
Item dependancy: 4 - Heavy
- Early Game / Lane Control: 5 - Very Strong (Very strong nukes/stuns)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 3 - Medium (Nukes decrease in efficiency fast)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 3 - Medium (Stronger if farmed well)

- You are considered a Semi-Carry. That means you should not be babysitting and optimally not giving up the last hits to a carry.
- You have one of the lowest starting HP pools and one of the highest starting mana pools. Thus you are very squishy and should get the Bracelets asap.
- As a proper Semi-Carry you should be farming a lot, don't be afraid to use your mana to get some extra gold.