By: Newti

Skill Build
1 - Master's Incantation
2 - Sage's Lore
3 - Sage's Lore
4 - Master's Incantation
5 - Sage's Lore
6 - Final Chapter
7 - Sage's Lore
8 - Master's Incantation
9 - Master's Incantation
10 - Glyph of Silence
11 - Final Chapter
12 - Glyph of Silence
13 - Glyph of Silence
14 - Glyph of Silence
15 - Stats
16 - Final Chapter
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Sage's Lore and Master's Incantation is maxxed for the optimum of harassment. You can get one level of Glyph at 4 for the int steal but in my opinion its not game breaking while Incantation offers solid harassment and Last Hitting.

Lane Starting Items:
Monkey Courier or Wards of Sight, 2xRunes of the Blight, 2x Mana Potion, 2x Minor Totem

Power Supply >> Steam Boots >> Bracelet of Fortification >> Astrolabe

Steam Boots on Int while laning or farming, on str while in team fights or ganks. Astrolabe for survivability and support. You are party responsible for setting up wards. Help buying them!

After Core:
Kuldra's Sheepstick >> Frostfield Plate

More int and disable/utility spells. Remember about the Wards...

Roles: Babysitter
Prefered Lane: Any
Difficulty: 5 - Very Hard (Ult requires perfect timing and great awareness, you are very squishy)
Farming capabilities: 3 - Decent
Item dependancy: 2 - Low
- Early Game / Lane Control: 5 - Very Strong (Most annoying harasser)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 2 - Weak
- Late Game / Team Fights: 3 - Medium (Ult can be game changing in big clashes)

- Using Final Chapter at the right moment is easily one of the hardest moves in the game at the moment and depends on the type if Initiation you have. For example: Tempest requires an early silence to cast his Ult or with Shrunken Head directly after his Elemental Void ends. Behemoth is better off if the silence is ~1 second after his Shockwave, etc.
- Cast Sage's Lore right after your opponent uses a cheap spell so he can't easily get rid of it.
- Keep harassing with Sage's Lore. If you go out of Mana let the courier bring you Mana Potions.
- Use Master's Incantation mainly for harassing and let your carry get the lasthits.