By: Drasha

Is the mighty Wildsoul a Beast who dreamed himself a Man, or a Man who dreamed himself
a Beast? As much a bear as a human, this druidic warrior draws upon primordial
woodland energies to strengthen himself and crush those who threaten the natural life of Newerth.

WildSoul is a Carry hero. He summons the bear BooBoo who can carry items and does the bulk of your damage until you're at a higher level. Your goal is to get BooBoo's attack speed high so that his attack modifier Tangle Claw procs as often as possible to disable who ever he is attacking. WildSoul revolves around using BooBoo and your hero at the same time to great effect this can be difficult for some players. But with time and practice odds are you will get good at it. By: Drasha

Skill Overview

Summon Booboo
Wildsoul summons his pet bear, Booboo. 75 mana 180/160/140/120 seconds 1 seconds cast time. See Booboo.

Wildsoul drives himself and Booboo Wild, increasing their attack speed and movement speed. 50 Self and Booboo 30 seconds The "Wild" effect: +5%/10%/15%/20% Movement Speed +10/20/30/40 Attack Speed

Natural Attunement
Wildsoul attunes himself further to the needs of Nature, adding to the power of his other abilities. Bear Form: +100/200/300/400 Max Health Wild: +10/20/30/40 Duration Booboo (himself, not the spell): +10/20/30/40 Damage, and +10/20/30/40 Movement Speed.

Bear Form
Wildsoul takes the form of a bear, causing him to switch to melee based attacks, have a faster attack time, and gain more armor and health. None 25 None None Health +250/400/600, Armor +2/4/6. Wildsoul's attacks becomes melee (100). Base attack speed reduced from 1.7 to 1.6.

BooBoo Skills
Teleports Booboo to Wildsoul's location. 5 seconds Cool down.

Tangle Claw
When attacking, Booboo has a chance to root a target in place, preventing movement and attacking. Attack Modifier Passive Passive 5 seconds 20% chance to immobilize, disarm and reveal target for 3 seconds. Deals 40 Magic damage per second.

Building Breaker
Booboo's massive claws have a demolishing effect on structures, dealing extra damage. Passive +60% damage against buildings.

Spell Resistance
Booboo is inherently resistant to Magic, adding extra Magic Armor. Passive +8.2 magic armor.

Summon BooBoo - This spell makes you a threat early to mid game while being a great deal less powerful near the end of the game once their carry is farmed enough to kill him. At the start of the game you want to use him to scout out runes patrol the forest and try to pull creeps into your lane. You also want to harass the other people in your lane with him by having him come out of the forest behind them at get in a few auto attacks.

Wild - Now that it works on you and booboo just make sure it is always up.

Natural Attunement - Makes every thing about this hero better.

Bear Form - Makes you a lot harder to kill and makes you melee instead of ranged. Once your at a higher level your going to want to have this on almost all of the time it makes you a lot harder to kill and as long as your alive booboo is going to be able to run around killing people.

Skill Build


This guide focuses on using booboo for your damage. You have to be able to use both WildSoul and BooBoo at the same time so controlling them is a bit harder then just controlling WildSoul but if you can master if he is a vary strong hero for last hitting and denying creeps at the start of the game and doing good damage later in the game. You can pick up Bear form early if you need the survivability but it most cases you can put it of to make booboo do more damage.

Skill Build

  1. Summon BooBoo
  2. Natural Attunement
  3. Summon BooBoo
  4. Natural Attunement
  5. Summon BooBoo
  6. Bear Form
  7. Summon BooBoo
  8. Natural Attunement
  9. Natural Attunement
  10. Wild
  11. Bear Form
  12. Wild
  13. Wild
  14. Wild
  15. Stats
  16. Bear Form
  17. -25. Stats

Item Build

Starting Items

grabbing items to make farming in the forest cake.

X1 = 225
  • Logger's Hatchet
  • Put this on booboo
X1 = 250
  • Iron Buckler
  • put this on booboo to so he does not die left and right
X1 = 90
  • Runes of the Blight
  • heal up wildsoul if he takes some damage can be replaced with 2 minor totems for extra damage on wildsoul

Early Game

you only need one early game item and you only need to have it by level 6. You should be saving up all of your gold for the mid game items.

X1 = 225
  • Logger's Hatchet
  • put it on wildsoul and go into bear form your farm should go up quite a bit

Mid Game
Farmed up a bunch of gold now its time to spend it.

- 5150
  • Mock of Brilliance
  • This is the item you have been saving all that gold for put it on booboo farm until you have 2 marchers then go to town murdering the other team with a super fast bear that hits like a truck. You should have this around the 25 minute mark.

X2 = 1000
  • Marchers
  • pair for you and booboo so you can keep up with people

- 1550
  • Enhanced Marchers
  • core for booboo for the same price as 2 gloves of the swift you get some bonus damage and phasing on top of the attack speed you would have gotten from the gloves.

X2 = 1000
  • Gloves of the Swift
  • We are buying these to put on booboo so his tangle claw procs a lot more often. its cheaper then a warp cleft and you can buy them one at a time wich is a bonus with these and the enchanced marcher on booboo you have more attack speed then a warp cleft and it cost less.

Late Game
Late game you want to move mock over to wildsoul and put any new items on him since booboo can die pretty easy at this point.

- 6000
  • Wingbow
  • Makes you harder to kill and gives you bonus damage

X1 = 3300
  • Nullfire Blade
  • Extra damage with purge not a bad by at all might want to get it before the wingbow if the other team has some thing that needs to be purged

X1 = 5500
  • Deamonic Breast Plate
  • Your rolling in gold and still need some thing to spend it on.

- 4400
  • Shield Breaker
  • lots more damage if no one else has one you might as well pick it up.

Situational Items

- 2250
  • Shamans Headdress
  • if they have nukers your going to want this on wildsoul at some point


The hardest part of playing WildSoul is microing both your units at the same time. You can set up unit groups with them for example select both booboo and wildsoul and hold down control then press 1 the next time you press 1 you will be selecting both wildsoul and booboo. I recommend you set the 1 key to booboo and wildsoul the 2 key to wildsoul and the 3 key to booboo you can of course these up how ever you want since its just personal preference. You can also use the tab key to cycle between wild soul and booboo this is useful since its faster then selecting them manually and its right next to the q key. Booboo also makes a great scout for your team since he moves super fast and if he gets introuble you can get him right back to you.

Early Game

At the start of the game you want to summon booboo in the fountain so you stay at full mana and the cool down start right away. Grab your items and head to forest and wait for the 30 second mark for creeps to spawn. You pretty much just need to tank them with booboo and auto attack until they die. Don't worry about booboo getting killed you can just resummon him if he gets to low and your cool down has a while on it send him to the fountain and jump in a lane until he is all healed up. When you hit level 6 stay in bear form all of the time and get another hatchet for wildsoul asap.

Mid Game

If your farm went well you have mock and some boots at this point you should still farm when you don't see a good ganking target but if a lane is pushed and you can pop out of the forest right on them go for it. You also want to help your team when they try to gank since booboo can murder casters at this point in the game with little out side help. If you keep your farm up and get a good amount of kills you can carry your team late game.

Late Game

BooBoo is pretty weak at this point you want the mock on wildsoul since you will live longer them him. Use booboo to scout and to proc tangle claw on your target just try not to let him die since it give who ever killed him 100 Gold.