Heroes of newerth

By: Thecheeze

It has finally arrived, the patch we have been waiting for, S2 games have delivered more then expected with a few changes which has lifted Heroes of Newerth up a level. First off, it is exciting to see a new interface which includes the log in screen (Pic below) and 12 extra slots for new heroes.


IA new feature is the beginners tutorial which is helpful if your completly new to the game and can't be bothered learning the old fashioned way of getting thrown into the deep end and just play. (be warned, if you push this button it takes forever to get exit it so make a coffee). Some are concerned of the new players soon to come when it hits retails and how it will effect the current community. All i can say there is currently a great level of noobs as it is, and we all were noobs at one point so give it time and there will be a greater community which will mean more competitions and greater competitive play.

One feature that is particually interesting is inspecting players stats also shows you their top 5 heroes played. Which can help with banning draft or predict hero picking and select counters.

Player Ladder is yet to be operational but that would be a useful tool without leaving the game.

Most importantly the hero balances. Making a few changes to most heroes has made the op heroes more manageable.
Match Making is what many of been waiting for. It has its own rating system so you won't lose or gain psr for matches played through the match making system. It seems to work quite well altho it has 1 con, its solo join. Friends cannot team with you during this play so it is more of a viable play when you got no friends online and want to have a quick start game. All games are banning pick.

Another downfall to the patch is the non visability of starting gold which sometimes it is nice to see how much more you get for random or how much you have left for repicking. S2 games, bring this back in your next patch please.