Heroes of newerth
Patch 0.3.2

By: Thecheeze

A new int hero on the Legion side "The Chipper" has been added. A quick practise game shows this hero can be very effective with his first ability "Rocket barrage" doing 540 damage and a mini stun. Not to mention a well placed slow and ulti will demolish any low hp hero. I don't believe that this hero will change the game much in regards to competition play and banning choice. Below is The Chipper's skills.


Also a few fixes on courier, now anybody can buy wards and courier can give them to anyone to use and place.
This will allow better team work and gold management. That being said it can no longer ninja token of life from Kongor.
Creep stacking has also been updated, now you can only stack up to 3 lots of mobs in a single camp. with the exception of the lowest rank camp with still no cap.