2v2 Cash Tournament

You might be thinking, really, a 2v2 tournament? This Tournament is to help those that can't organise a team of 5. It is free to enter and a cash prize of $200 USD for first place.

HON CHEATS $200 Ladder Series - MAY

Mode: Banning Draft
Map: Darkwood Vale 3v3
Registration open: 15th April, 2010
Registration close: 30th April, 2010
Game start: 2nd May, 2010
Prize: First place $200 USD
Elimination: Single
Teams: 64

darkwood vale 3v3

If there are more then 64 teams who enter, it will go by highest PSR combined teams.


Team 1 enter, they have 2 players, one player is 1712 psr and his partner is 1505 psr
Combined that equals 3217

Team 2 enter, they have 2 players one player is 1660 psr and his partner is 1590 psr
Combined that equals 3250

Team 2 will get a spot in the tournament over team 1 unless it was an exclusive invite by the game administrator.
Team PSR rating will be calculated within the 24 hours of sign up. Any games with psr lose after that will not hinder your tournament slot.
Confirmation of sign up will be given with team psr total as reference.

Cash prize is $200 USD for first prize. No second prize is given.

Once the tournament is over a ladder will be placed on this site with all replays for view and download.
There will be a ranked system and the top 8 teams will be invited in the JUNE series of the tournament.

Tournament Rules

When a match is complete, it is crucial that each team must submit the result or select to dispute the match within 24 hours of the played match. Disputes can be handled among the two teams; otherwise a tournament administrator takes appropriate action.

A match replay must be supplied for the match played to a game administator.

It is now compulsory that you use the username used to sign up for the tournament. There will be no player swapping, so pick your partners carefully.

Backdooring IS allowed. Don't QQ, use a TP to counter it...

If there is a debate on which team wants hellbourne or legion then a simple /roll 1 100 will be done by the leaders of each team, highest roll gets to decide.

The map is Darkwood Vale 3v3

Game Mode is 'Banning Draft':

* 2 bans per team, done by captains. Then alternates everyone picking their own heroes out of the remaining choices.

International teams are entitled to participate in this tournament. Games are to be played by default on the USWest server. Unless agreed otherwise by both teams.

Each team has a maximum of two pauses, 5 minutes, per team. If the other team agrees the pause can be extended past 5 minutes.

If a player disconnects and becomes eliminated by not returning in time and the following conditions have passed (after the 6 minutes mark or if someone has already been killed) then that team automatically loses.

you are allowed to play the disconnect hero until eliminated, if the team wins before they return then that is allowed.

There are no referees in honcheats matches. Unless advised otherwise by game administrators.

Have fun and good luck.